Lawrence Lee

When I met Sameer: 09/1989

Where Sameer and I spent time: Stanford Graduate School of Business

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer
I will always remember Sameer as a real gentleman. He was very smart and carried himself well, never losing his balance even in the face of intense competition. I am honored to have known Sameer and be in the same class with him.

Patricia Nakache

When I met Sameer: 09/15/1987

Where Sameer and I spent time

First we worked together at McKinsey in the New York office as Business Analysts. Then we were classmates at Stanford Business School.
What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer
I remember most his wide, beautiful smile and the way his shoulders would shake when he laughed. I appreciated his thoughtfulness, his love of debate and intellectual honesty, and how he liked to enjoy himself.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.
I have many wonderful memories of Sameer. As Business Analysts in NY, he was the one who would rally us all to go out to dinner after a late night of work (paid for, of course, by McKinsey). He always looked so dapper in his suits and spoke so eloquently; he seemed to be a born consultant. But then at Stanford, he chucked the suits and donned his dark sunglasses, and seemed equally at home in the heart of silicon valley. He was always impressive in the classroom, yet he was also very social and loved a good party.

Between our first and second year, a small group of us went on a study trip to South Africa. Just prior to going to South Africa, three of us joined Sameer in visiting his cousins in Kenya and going on a safari. He and his extended family were wonderful, generous hosts.

I will always remember his smile, his calm and in many ways sophisticated demeanor, and his intellectual curiosity. He was a good friend and I will miss him.

Dilip Karia and Family friends

Dear narenbhai, neenaben and family,

Frankly, i dont know how to start and what to write.

I can understand (and dread) the pain and agony of helplessness you all are going
through. We have gone through similar circumstances when Parag and me lost our father,
very suddenly, back in1985. It was very hard for us to believe and accept, and for a
long time, we always felt that he had gone out of town and would return soon.
Nothing i say may help you feel better or lighter at the moment, but what people told us at
that time was (although not at all fair) that maybe GOD needed him more than us. Every
now and then ,they say, GOD needs good souls for himself and he selects them from
amongst us, maybe because he has something special planned for them. something
better something supreme which us mortals cannot comprehend.
ગુજરાતી માં આપડે કહીએ કે ” એ પાવન જીવ ને પ્રભુ એ સંસાર ના સુખ દુખ થી મુક્ત કરી મોક્ષ ની
પ્રાપ્તિ કરાવી . એમની પાસે બોલાવી ને એમના માં લીન કર્યો

and that is why we were advised to let him go for GOD had better plans for him

But how can we let him go.  Sameer is always going to be there with you, in your heart,
in your soul as a part of you and you will always treasure and cherish the time he has
spent with you and that, mind you, NO ONE NOT EVEN GOD CAN TAKE IT AWAY

When my father expired, my grand father was still there and looking at my mom and us
so young, he stood there firm as a rock inspite of the unbearable weight of losing his son
so early in life, when he himself was still alive,,,  we pray Lord Almighty to give you both,
the strength and courage, as HE gave him, to withstand this irreparable loss and be there
as a rock solid support, for surekha, the kids and shalin and his family, to lean upon
during this terrible ordeal.

Please convey our heartfelt condolences to surekha, shalin & his wife and love to the kids.

We, (mummy, myself-binita-kinnari, parag-avani-kanav) pray lord Almighty to rest his soul

in peace. jai jinendra, jaishri krishna


Aashish Gandhi

When I met Sameer:  04/10/1999

Sameer and I first met at Naren uncle’s 60th Birthday Party.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

While my interaction with him was very limited throughout the years, I remember his calm and collected tone and the manner in which he conveyed his thoughts.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

I don’t even know how to offer my condolences to Naren uncle and Neena aunty. They have always been like my parents. I can only imagine what my parents and family would have gone through if I hadn’t survived an acute system shutdown on 7/29/2011.

Neena aunty, I have always seen you cheerful, smiling, and giving us the right advice when needed. I know this is an extremely difficult moment for all of us, but please take care of uncle and yourself.

Pankaj And Kalpana Desai Lady Lake Fl

Our Dear Narenbhai and Ninaben,


Kalpana and I were very saddened to hear your beloved Sameer’s death.

I never had an occassion to meet him but the wonderful things we heard from Asvinbhai, Arunabhabhi and all, and What a great son you raised I can only surmise.

It is said when your spouse dies, you lose your present and future; and when your child dies, you lose your Past, Present and future. Those words of wisdom!!!

Now that Sameer is gone , all future special occasions will be forever changed. Visiting NYand NJ and on the phone and not having to talk with “Sameer”, not seeing his ever handsome, smiling face can not be imagined. The sharing of life’s unique and special events will never again take place. No matter how good a relationship may have been, the survivor often believes it should have been better, causing guilt.

Despite the physical distance that may separate us as adults, this bond of blood and friendship provided protection of Son. And certainly we can make it better by thinking about them; talk about them; remember them at special times such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

So often as adults, our relationship has changed from younger years. Each travels a separate path, and sometimes communication is lacking and or absent, with ambivalent feelings about maintaining the relationship surface. Even One’s own mortality is often questioned in the aftermath of such loss. So It is also natural for the surviving Parents to look at their own lives and question how many years they have left, and what their deaths would do to the family.

But let us make a resolve to stay in touch regularly, so we will find positive changes, frequent positive communication within our own lives. Let us celebrate Sameer’s life and wonderful memories then get down with the grief as he did not suffer too much and lived a wonderful, glorious albeit short life.

So please accept our sincere condolences in your bereavement and may god grant you the strength to bear this loss.

With Pranams and Warmest regards to Surekha,Shailin and familyl and hugs to you all.

Pankaj, Kalpana, Raj, Rishi and Rupal.

Kathryn Bowsher

When I met Sameer:  9/89

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer
Centered and Joyful … just plain fun to be around

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.
My heart goes out to everyone who is feeling his loss in their daily lives.

Nancy Geisse Pile

When I met Sameer:  08/1989

Where Sameer and I spent time

Sameer and I were housemates at Stanford Bschool in 1989- 1990. We also traveled to Africa together as part of a very small group studying the South African government in the summer of 1990- just 6 months after Nelson Mandela was released from prison. (In fact, I have a photo of Sameer with Mr. Mandela. I will try to find it and post it.)

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer
His fantastic laugh. I used to hear that through the walls of our poorly made rental house in Menlo Park. Loved it. (I also used to hear the walls vibrate from his snoring but that’s another story.)

I also remember how friendly he was to everyone. Sameer had no enemies in bschool and was well like by all.

I also remember how we was always in a good mood. Each day he had a bright smile on his face and was so quick to laugh. He could brighten up any room- and he did.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.
Sameer and I have kept in touch but only periodically. I would see him when he would visit and we’d check in by phone occasionally. We spoke approx two weeks ago about his career. He told me at the time how happy he was with his personal life- his wonderful wife of 7 years and his two small children. He sounded so proud and it was clear he was exactly where he wanted to be personally.

Surekha, I wish I had been able to meet you. I think we would have met in just 6 weeks at our 20 year bschool reunion. It will be a sad event without Sameer. I am so sad for your loss. I wish I could do something for you and your children to make it easier. My prayers are with you.

Minati Shah

Sameer was my oldest brother and with me being the youngest in the family at first i was in awe of him and only as i grew older that i began to learn of his intelligence and brilliance. His love for travel and adventure was amazing and inspiring. A story about Sameer that i would like to share , this was about 15-20 years ago, when Sameer was probably in his twenties. My family and I were on our way back from out of town and on our way we see Sameer in the middle of the road, next to broken down bus with a book in his hand, he was calm and collected and we his family in India had not even known he was visiting.

That is how i remember him, always calm, collected, never rushed, taking his time to enjoy everything that life had to offer.

He will be missed!!


Ana Thompson – Stanford

When I met Sameer:  09/15/1989

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

I remember Sameer in my economics development course with Gerald Meiers. He was always so smart and lively and kept this very established professor on his toes. I admired his persistent and creative intellect.

I am so sorry for this loss and send my condolences to his family.

I read through some of the thoughts already shared and it was nice about the path Sameer had taken.

Mahen and Sheela

Sheela & I, saw Sameer  for the first time in 1965 in Virginia, when his parents paid us, a short visit. We had no children then & so this was our first exposure to a baby in the house.

Tiny as he was, he nevertheless left an indelible impression on us, being so full of life, uncontrollably demanding, making his parents tend to him 24 x 7.

Honestly, we got so petrified & wondered if we had the abilities to handle such a baby of our own. Resultant effect we postponed our parenthood by a few years

Thereafter, we have seen him grow.  We met him practically every year, during the visits to India & when on a few occasions we stayed with them in Bangalore and Florida.

During the first visit to their home in Florida, Sameer was at the Tampa Airport to receive us.  He was so proud of the way Tampa airport was laid out – he told so many details with so much passion.

During the various interactions with him, my children found him to be a very likable person.

Intellectual discussions with him were very stimulating. He always listened to and respected the counter views & smilingly, laughingly. But accepted those if he was so sold.

He always had something new to tell us about Mumbai and Life in Mumbai that too in a novel way.  Many times he came up with observations which in hindsight  made us wonder as to why we had not seen it that way.

In subsequent years, I always looked forward to catching up with him whenever my travels took me to wherever he was.

I got one such opportunity when he was in Madrid, Spain.  We had a wonderful afternoon together – here was Sameer a grown up young man, working with McKinsey Consultants – first time discussing the politics, the world around him, his work,  etc with me  whilst giving me a low down on which wine could go with which cuisine etc.

I was so impressed with the interaction that I immediately wrote to Naren,  letting him know how happy I felt meeting him & how well Neena & NC (Naren) had reared him into  becoming such a fine young man.

After many years, I met him again in Florida, post his chucking the job with McKinsey Consultants.  He wanted time out to think through his next options in life.  He was so so relaxed whilst thinking that  I could not but help  letting NC know that this characteristic  was so very different from that of NC.

I had many other interactions with Sameer thereafter as well & what impressed me most was his personality.

He knew what he wanted in & from life.  Even when deciding to choose his life partner, despite requests, persuation, goading his parents time over no. he waited & waited till he met  his dreamgirl in Surekha.

In my minds eye, I will always remember him as  very clever, very clearheaded, Jovial, accommodative, helping person.

May God rest his soul in Peace


Natalie Ellis & Bipin Manuel

When we met Sameer: 10/25/2005

We were introduced to Sameer and Surekha by a mutual friend when they moved into our building (in NYC). We had an enjoyable first evening together in late 2005. But it wasn’t until we ran into each other in a neighborhood café a few months later, when we realized we were both expecting our first children within a few days of one another, that we really started getting to know each other and became friends.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

We remember and appreciate our shared family times with Sameer, Surekha, and the kids. Sameer was always fun to be with, a great storyteller, political and economic debater, and clearly dedicated to and enamored with his family life.

We remember distinctly November 2006, when Sanjana and Laila were born, just a few days apart. As it turned out, Laila showed up first, so Sameer and Surekha came to visit soon after we came home from the hospital. Sameer had such an excited look of anticipation that their little girl would soon be making her own entrance to the world, asking a million questions. He simply couldn’t wait to meet her. The photo of the new fathers and babies was taken a week or so later — two proud Dads holding their first born little girls with a mix of wonder, disbelief and glee. The look on Sameer’s face tells it all.

Click to see larger version

Over the years, we enjoyed family get-togethers, and shared bonding over early baby and toddler rearing. In the baby days, Sameer told us about reading to Sanjana in her crib – not the typical baby books but rather Moby Dick, or epic history works. While he was certainly deliberate about exposing his kids to more sophisticated art and literature at an early age, he never took himself too seriously, always laughing as he shared the story.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

At every birthday party and outing Sameer always looked at his kids with the same beaming smile and happiness. It was a wonderful thing to see and be a part of. We will miss Sameer’s presence very much, and send our warmest condolences to his family. We are thankful that his warmth, smarts, and wit will continue to shine through Sanjana and Arjun for many years to come.

Neil Kent

I was recently thinking about Sameer and was very happy that he was doing so well in his career. I am shocked and saddened by his passing.

I will always remember talking to Sameer a number of years ago in Indialantic, hearing his laugh and him saying that this real estate price increase was a bubble and it won’t last. I should have listened to him—he was much smarter than me.  He will always be remembered and greatly missed.



Bharti And Arvind Shah

We knew Sameer since his early childhood, as we are very close friends of his parents.

I remember Sameer when he had a lot of interest in Airports and flights and so on. His knowledge of logistics was amazing for someone who was just a child then.

While Sameer had many interests my interaction with him was more on matters of Intellect and finance.

He had a job in which he advised a lot of international companies and in the process travelled and imbibed the essential qualities of a citizen of the world. His taste were very refined .

The man was a leader and not a follower.

We will miss him deeply.

Miriam E. Martinez

When I met Sameer: 1982

Where Sameer and I spent time 

I met Sameer when I moved to Satellite Beach from Cincinnati, Ohio. We bought the house across from the Shah’s and they immediately open their home to us. Not only were they our neighbors, but my husband and I also worked at Harris, as Naren did.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

I used to visit the Shah’s house often because Neena managed to get me to like spicy food and I, in turn, would help her with flower arranging and hairdos for special events. Sameer was there most of the times that I visited and would engage in conversation with me. I was always pleased that unlike typical teenagers, he found it interesting to talk to someone some 20 years older. When I complained that I needed gallons of water to chase the spicy food Neena gave me, Sameer would tease his mother and say that hot peppers were like a drug for her. Neena would ignore him, but he kept pacing around the kitchen with a smile on his face trying to get a rise out of her.

At this time, Sameer was in high school. I helped him with his Math homework now and then and quickly realized that he was very bright. When I heard that he had gotten accepted at Amherst College, I was very happy.

Sameer was very sociable and had lots of friends. I do remember the big parties that he had at the house. I also thought that he was always very close to his brother and included him in all social activities.

Although I did not see Sameer as much after he left for college and later took a job in New York, I always tried to see him if I knew he was in for a visit.

I was happy to hear that he was getting married and met his two children when they were born.

Sameer always had a smile on his face and he was open and outgoing.

It is hard to think that he left us at such a young age. I will miss him.

I hope that his children will follow in his footsteps and live life with the same zest that their father had.

Tom Novak, Sr.

When I met Sameer:  01/15/1974

Where Sameer and I spent time:  Indian Harbour Beach–I was his Little League Coach on the Lions team

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

Attitude! Sameer was one of the most well behaved and enjoyable boys on my team, as he always “gave his all” with enthusiasm, without complaining, even though there were many times it was hot, it was “buggy”, and it was raining. He never got discouraged when he went into a slump, and he was humble when he was on a hitting run.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

Sameer and Shalin were great kids on my Indian Harbour Beach Lions team. They showed up for every practice, played any and all positions they were asked to play, and were an integral part of our championship season. Their skills improved tremendously over the season, because they were willing to do things over and over until they got it right! They were great companions to the rest of the team, as they were two boys that everyone liked.

Bob Kemerait – Childhood friend

When I met Sameer:     1973

Where Sameer and I spent time:  
Indian Harbour Beach Little League, Cub Scout Pack 386, Boy Scout Troop 376, Throughout School

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

I have not talked to Sameer, Shalin, or Mr. and Mrs. Shah for nearly 30 years; however Sameer and the Shah family will always be a part of that most wonderful time in our lives when we are young, innocent, and hopeful for the future. Like cousins not seen in many years, I have never had any doubt that I could call or visit Sameer, Shalin, and the Shah family and be welcomed with warmth and hospitality. I ask myself now, under such tragic circumstances, why I waited for a such a visit.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

For the children of Sameer, I can tell you that I knew your father as a boy and as a young man. I wish I could tell you all about him and just how proud you can be of him.

Your father and Shalin were a constant part of my childhood. We all played baseball together in Indian Harbour Beach, we went to Ocean Breeze Elementary School together, and most importantly, we were in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts together. In fact, your grandfather was one of our leaders in the Cub Scouts. You have a wonderful family, as I am sure you know.

My own father is a man of very few words, and of even fewer compliments, He rarely shares his thoughts. However, one of the earliest compliments I ever heard him pay was to your father and your uncle. At the time, Sameer (known to me then as “Sam”) and Shalin (known to me as “Charlie”) and I were playing in the lowest “farm” league of the baseball program. I wasn’t much good at it and complained bitterly about it fairly regularly that I was ready to give it up. One day my father said to me quietly, “Bobby, do you know who I admire?” “No Daddy, who?” “Bobby, I really admire those Shah boys. Do you know why?” “Nope, I don’t Daddy.” “Bobby, because they get out there on the baseball field at every practice and every game and give it their all. I admire them.” That has been over 35 years ago and I still cannot forget my father’s admiration for your father and your uncle; he has few compliments for anyone.  They did try very hard; while none of us went on to stellar baseball careers, I believe the three of us learned much in those early years.

I remember being in the scouts with your father. When I first moved, at 11 years of age, to the Boy Scouts from the Cub Scouts, your father was already there. I was put in the lowly “Panther Patrol”, I believe your father was in the elite “Raven Patrol” with guys like Neil Kent, Mike Hock, Steve Brunton and later Josh Litwin. Our Panther patrol was straight out of the movie “The Bad News Bears,” your father and his crowd were unbeatable in scout craft and winners at everything they did. Was I jealous? You bet I was as I am sure my patrol buddies Mike Moulder and Mike Clanton were too! But your father always had a kind word for me and was a friend to me. I remember especially that he helped me get my coin collecting badge and I bought my then most precious coin, an uncirculated Roosevelt silver dime from him. I could go on and on about what a special person your father was, but I will stop here.

Let me just conclude that despite the years since I last saw your father, your uncle, your grandfather, or your grandmother, I remember them with the utmost respect and appreciation. Your father was brilliant, everyone knows that, but more importantly, he was a friend, he was good humored (I never saw him angry but always smiling and joking with a razor wit) and he was faithful to his friends. I regret so much that I did not see him recently, I regret more that it is now too late. But I am blessed most with the memories that I have of my time with him and the Shah family during that most special and formative time in our lives- our childhood. I wish both of you the greatest of success and happiness in life. I know that your father is so proud of you.

To the Shah family, I am so very sorry for your loss.

– Bobby Kemerait

Abbas Sitabkhan

When I met Sameer

When he was born

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

We have known Sameer since his birth in Cleveland.

Our fondest memories of him are when his parents left him with us when they went on vacation and he was less than a year old. He was like a son to us. Our children grew up together till the Shah family moved to Florida. Our last meeting was in Thanksgiving of 2010 at a friend’s house. We were never to see him again.

He was always respectful and courteous. We have never seen him angry. His many memories will be with us forever.

May God give comfort to his family.

Close friends of Naren and Neena
Abbas & Latifa Sitabkhan

Glenn Evans, Amherst

Sameer and I were classmates and fellow Economics majors at Amherst College.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

I got to know Sameer as a result of sitting in several Economics classes with him. From the start Sameer struck me as a totally engaged student, a favorite of the professorial staff, and the one student I had to keep up with and keep an eye on. I did my best to keep up grade wise but perhaps I was more successful keeping in touch post-Amherst on developments in our respective academic and professional careers.

While we didn’t speak regularly, when we did speak the conversation was invariably effortless and, in our own little way, intimate. I think later in life Sameer and I shared a skeptics swagger and a willingness to look at things as they presented themselves to us and just laugh.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

I wish I had more time with Sameer. At our Amherst College Reunion in May we talked about getting our families together, considering the few short miles that separate us. We ran into each other a month or so prior at a Stanford/Harvard Business School bowling party and talked about spending more time together then. Our Gods didn’t permit these plans to be realized but they did bless us with a unique friendship, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Helen O’Hara Erdman

I knew Sameer at Satellite High School we graduated in the same class.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer
I was never as smart as he, as popular or as politically active but I knew him as a friend of some mutual friends. He was kind and genuinely friendly to everyone. I have a very clear picture in my head of his smile, so clear that I even went back through old photo albums to find it…..I guess that’s just how much of an impression he made on me that I can see him that clearly almost 30 years later. My heartfelt and deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Lee Lacy, Satellite High

I met his dad a technical conference. When I reconnected with Sameer on Facebook last year, I told him: “I told your dad that in high school but you were my academic “hero”. You inspired me to try harder. I was jealous of your brains.” This incident reminds me of how important it is to convey to people how they positively influenced your life.