Aashish Gandhi

When I met Sameer:  04/10/1999

Sameer and I first met at Naren uncle’s 60th Birthday Party.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

While my interaction with him was very limited throughout the years, I remember his calm and collected tone and the manner in which he conveyed his thoughts.

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

I don’t even know how to offer my condolences to Naren uncle and Neena aunty. They have always been like my parents. I can only imagine what my parents and family would have gone through if I hadn’t survived an acute system shutdown on 7/29/2011.

Neena aunty, I have always seen you cheerful, smiling, and giving us the right advice when needed. I know this is an extremely difficult moment for all of us, but please take care of uncle and yourself.