Miriam E. Martinez

When I met Sameer: 1982

Where Sameer and I spent time 

I met Sameer when I moved to Satellite Beach from Cincinnati, Ohio. We bought the house across from the Shah’s and they immediately open their home to us. Not only were they our neighbors, but my husband and I also worked at Harris, as Naren did.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

I used to visit the Shah’s house often because Neena managed to get me to like spicy food and I, in turn, would help her with flower arranging and hairdos for special events. Sameer was there most of the times that I visited and would engage in conversation with me. I was always pleased that unlike typical teenagers, he found it interesting to talk to someone some 20 years older. When I complained that I needed gallons of water to chase the spicy food Neena gave me, Sameer would tease his mother and say that hot peppers were like a drug for her. Neena would ignore him, but he kept pacing around the kitchen with a smile on his face trying to get a rise out of her.

At this time, Sameer was in high school. I helped him with his Math homework now and then and quickly realized that he was very bright. When I heard that he had gotten accepted at Amherst College, I was very happy.

Sameer was very sociable and had lots of friends. I do remember the big parties that he had at the house. I also thought that he was always very close to his brother and included him in all social activities.

Although I did not see Sameer as much after he left for college and later took a job in New York, I always tried to see him if I knew he was in for a visit.

I was happy to hear that he was getting married and met his two children when they were born.

Sameer always had a smile on his face and he was open and outgoing.

It is hard to think that he left us at such a young age. I will miss him.

I hope that his children will follow in his footsteps and live life with the same zest that their father had.