Pankaj And Kalpana Desai Lady Lake Fl

Our Dear Narenbhai and Ninaben,


Kalpana and I were very saddened to hear your beloved Sameer’s death.

I never had an occassion to meet him but the wonderful things we heard from Asvinbhai, Arunabhabhi and all, and What a great son you raised I can only surmise.

It is said when your spouse dies, you lose your present and future; and when your child dies, you lose your Past, Present and future. Those words of wisdom!!!

Now that Sameer is gone , all future special occasions will be forever changed. Visiting NYand NJ and on the phone and not having to talk with “Sameer”, not seeing his ever handsome, smiling face can not be imagined. The sharing of life’s unique and special events will never again take place. No matter how good a relationship may have been, the survivor often believes it should have been better, causing guilt.

Despite the physical distance that may separate us as adults, this bond of blood and friendship provided protection of Son. And certainly we can make it better by thinking about them; talk about them; remember them at special times such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries.

So often as adults, our relationship has changed from younger years. Each travels a separate path, and sometimes communication is lacking and or absent, with ambivalent feelings about maintaining the relationship surface. Even One’s own mortality is often questioned in the aftermath of such loss. So It is also natural for the surviving Parents to look at their own lives and question how many years they have left, and what their deaths would do to the family.

But let us make a resolve to stay in touch regularly, so we will find positive changes, frequent positive communication within our own lives. Let us celebrate Sameer’s life and wonderful memories then get down with the grief as he did not suffer too much and lived a wonderful, glorious albeit short life.

So please accept our sincere condolences in your bereavement and may god grant you the strength to bear this loss.

With Pranams and Warmest regards to Surekha,Shailin and familyl and hugs to you all.

Pankaj, Kalpana, Raj, Rishi and Rupal.