Ninad Shah, Family Member, India

Sameer was my oldest brother in the family , obviously being the oldest and smartest made me idolize him from a very young age, however I never really got down to telling him the same, which I repent today.

I always envied and aspired to travel the world like him and I still pursue that dream, it was inculcated in me probably passively by him during is multiple visits to India as a boy and then a adult. Today being an adult myself and I can easily say he traveled the length and breadth of India in local buses, trains, taxis, he could have easily taken flights but he insisted on doing so cause it gave him a sense of belief, I admired this about him and always will.

He relished life and all that it had to offer, i still remember like it was yesterday how Sameer would sit for breakfast with us on a table reading his novels and only finish his breakfast at lunch time,our domestic help still remembers him for it. He ensured he chewed and savored every morsel of food he ate, I guess that explained the glow on his face throughout.

His commitment to take up unusual tasks and pursue them were legendary, he compiled a family tree of 4 generations for us around a decade ago when computers where still not freely available, and collecting data of over 600 people isn’t easy even today. My son and grandchildren and generations to come have Sameer to thank for this invaluable contribution.

But what made Sameer , Sameer was his naughty and lively knack of picking up the most routine statements or topics and glorifying them into a full blown public debate between family and friends, many a times people would wonder why they were fighting over such trivial things and then would look at Sameer who would be enjoying the entire drama from a distance with a mischievous smile like a amused playwright enjoying his final act.

There are tons of other fond memories I have of Sameer, maybe someday I can share them with my niece and nephew.