Vipul Shah, Family member, India

Where Sameer and I spent time: During his last day of the last trip to India.

What you remember and appreciated most about Sameer

He was a role model in my life and a great aspiration. Can still not get over the fact that he has left us..I’m sure only physically but never from our heart and mind..

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

He was always a role model for me from the child hood. Always hearing about his excellence in whatever he pursued, great personality. He was just one year elder to me.

We spent his last day in Mumbai during his last trip to India together. It was a Sunday and we met over lunch. I asked him where and what would he like to eat and without any hesitation or pause came the suggestion Sizzlers @ Kobe! One of his favourite eating places in Mumbai. Both of us had different Agenda’s for that afternoon and we were supposed to split after finishing lunch. It was almighty’s kindness that made both of us change our minds and we landed up spending the entire day together. The fondest memories I have of him is all the quality time we spent on this day eating, shopping, having coffee and finally seeing him off at the Mumbai airport late in the evening..

We had never spent more than 2-3 hours at a stretch any time because I lived in the suburbs and he would be staying in down town with our other family members whenever he visited Mumbai.

From the time my mother left us in 1999 and now Sameer, I have always wondered why the almighty takes away those people in such an untimely manner whom he has selected when they were alive to become the driving and helping force in the lives of all the friends, family, relatives and everyone, and create a vacuum in our lives?

Sameer shall always be with us in our hearts.. He is very much here.