Brad Goodchild, Boy Scouts, High School

Sameer is part of one of my favorite families in the whole world, the Shah Family. Sameer will be greatly missed as he was greatly loved.

Those of us from Satellite Beach are well aware of how open the Shah home has always been to us. Not just the legendary high school parties, but open every day to Sameer’s and Shalin’s friends. Sameer was the older brother to my best friend Shalin. He was the older, wiser(sorry Shalin), and more mature big brother. Of course he made fun of us younger “scouts” and kids, with that classic Sameer sense of humor, which comes from Mr. Shah.

I miss, as an adult, my times in their kitchen with Mrs. Shah trying to get me to eat Indian (read spicey hot) snacks and meals. Sameer always in the back ground pouncing on our rhetoric with his wit. To that point in my life I had not known anyone that dressed as well as Sameer. Whenever I see someone wearing¬†Kaki¬†pressed pants, striped shirt and a sweater hung over his shoulders, I think of Sameer. I remember a few years after the “Members Only” era, of him poking fun my way as I was severely tardy for that trend.

And how smart and clever was Sameer. On a trip to India and Nepal in 1985, Sameer argued with a Casino/travel department over the value of “one time play” chips. So here is Sameer, 20 years old logically winning a dispute against 3 suits twice his age. While they didn’t give us additional chips, they certainly lost their moral highground.

I will miss his laugh and wit the most as it reminds me of good times with him and his family. I am thankful for his friendship and am a better person for his playfully sarcastic but effective input on my life.