Roger Maughn

Extended thoughts about Sameer. Please write as much as you like.

I knew Sameer through his brother Shalin, whom I have been a friend with since elementary school. At school age, being two years younger (the age difference between Sameer and Shalin) can be huge. This never was an issue with Sameer. From elementary school, all the way through entering the business world, he always treated any of Shalin’s friends as one of his friends. As a senior in high school, he was always able to get Shalin’s sophomore friends invites to the big parties. Sameer went away to one of the top colleges, but when he came home on breaks, he would never think he was better than anyone else, even though we all knew he was. When he landed his first job in NYC, he was very helpful in giving advice for us guys getting ready to graduate from college. But most of all, I remember Sameer being his usual class act as the Best Man at Shalin’s wedding. He was Shalin’s blood big brother, but he was like a big brother to me, and Shalin’s other friends. How wonderful this world would be if we could have more people like Sameer. I am very lucky to have known him.