Edwina Litwin Hoffman, Family Friend

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Shah and members of the Shah family,

The loss of a beloved son is such a searing, wrenching experience that it leaves one
wondering as to the justice in God’s order. Comfort is gleaned from
the waves of love emanating from those who cared for Sameer. It is
clear from the messages pouring in from around the world that Sameer
sowed great love wherever he went. There are no words to ameliorate
your pain. An extraordinary son, father and human being has left us,
but the love he shared with all of us will always be remembered. I am
grateful to Sameer and the Shah family for the friendship and kindness
shared with Josh and the Litwin family. Know that we are with you in
your pain.

My condolences,
Edwina Litwin Hoffman