Ray Ubinger, High School friend

When I met Sameer

Where Sameer and I spent time

High school journalism class. I “caught” him reading the Wall Street Journal. I was naive, esp compared to his worldliness. I said something stupid like, “How stodgy, nothing fun ever happens in that paper.” And he said, “What, it’s a great business newspaper, and I want to make money, that’s fun!”
Sameer was a year older than I but we had a number of friends in common. We enjoyed Brain Bowl together. I really looked up to him, he was so bright and funny and cool. He was kind, too, not holier than thou, and a good listener. Even if he knew he was going to have to smash your argument to pieces when you were done talking. :) I think his kindness of soul shows very well through his eyes in the closeup pic of him at this site.
I envy all you people who kept in touch with him all these years. I had not seen him since 1988 – he introduced me to Thai cuisine on my one and only trip to NYC. But I will always think of his personality as being iconic of a what a great high school classmate is. I hope his family and closer friends find some small solace from my deep sympathy at this terrible loss, of a colorful, brilliant, confident, good man.